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Jul 30, 2018

Ep. 1 - Narrating Story

Pam and Robyn talk about how they met, the practice of voting, homeschooling, queering the Enneagram, and much more!

Sacred and Profane: Bending the Binaries of Faith, is a podcast bringing queer and faith perspectives to the ordinary and extraordinary topics that are threaded through our lives.



Pam Rocker & Robyn Henderson-Espinoza spend a lot of time in the public square talking about faith, religion, LGBTQ+ stuff, and queer possibility, fused together with comedy.

Pam and Robyn are kindred spirits and Texans who are immersed in activist and spiritual movements. Sacred and Profane puts the elements of story and imagination at the centre, as a way to cut through the BS and find meaning!

Featuring mature and immature content, Pam and Robyn bend binaries and talk politics, religion, friendship, and all the things with an attention to the absurd and some comic relief!

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Credits: Produced by Ben Saunders at Adelicia Company